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What do they look at in your DS-160 application?

While applying for a visa to any country, the details that you provide in application form plays a very critical role. The visa case worker can easily guess the risk profile of the applicant if the details filled in are casual. Here are few points that seeks utmost attention while filling in DS-160 form to apply for US visa.

Tally with passport

Although it sounds silly here, they rally tally each and every details with your current passport. Therefore, make extra effort to tally it character-by-character before you or your agent submits the DS-160.

Valid reason for travel

Many applicants take this section for granted and provide details which lacks showing the genuineness of the purpose of travel. And, while applied by agents, they mostly insert standard reason for all their client. Since every individual is different, their reason for travelling to USA cannot be same. Because of this, many genuine applicants are also refused visa. So whatever you write in this section, do ensure that it is inserted considering the significance of the questions. The more you sound planned, the more are your chances of establishing genuineness.

Employment details

Many people again takes this for granted and do not provide all the details about their employment; be it current or previous. While looking at some DS-160, it was surprising to see that the applicant, even he is working at good position in a reputed company, didn't bother to write his responsibilities in brief details. Why? Why would you not pen down few lines that describes your role in your job. Very important question which is very loosely answered by many.

Education details

Do provide your details of your education qualification in descending order. For example, if you holds a Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy), do insert details in following order without skipping any:

  • Ph. D. (highest qualification)

  • Master's Degree (second highest qualification)

  • Bachelor's Degree (third highest qualification)

  • Grade 12 (Higher Secondary Schooling)

  • Grade 10 (Secondary Schooling)

Some people do not provide details of grade 10 and grade 12 believing that it is not important. On the contrary, it is very much important to provide accurate details about any qualification that you attained after your grade 10 - do write details of your grade 10 as well.

Yes / No questions

Sometimes, in a rush to submit the form, many people mark 'Yes' to the question which would ideally be marked as 'No'. This is a pure mistake, which is kind of a fatal mistake for your application. Never ever answer these questions in rush. No matter how much experienced you are in filling DS-160; no matter how familiar each such question sounds to you, you need to read it carefully and then answer. It will not take hours.

In order to prevent such silly mistakes or overlooking, one should consult an experienced person or consultant like iSafal InterGlobe Consultants who can actually guide you meticulously while filing in your DS-160 form. This is a job of utmost professionalism and attention to detailing.

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